• Photo of Milk pin. Vertical rectangle black metal pin with simple line art of milk carton with the letters M I L K typographically laid out inside. Milk carton graphic surrounded by red background.
  • Milk Milk Milk Lapel Pin – Milk Carton Enamel Lapel Pin

Milk Milk Milk Lapel Pin – Milk Carton Enamel Lapel Pin

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Just remember "milk milk milk..." And with this tiny pin, you won't forget!

There's an exercise in ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, that helps to disarm and distance yourself from distressing thoughts:

First, paint a detailed picture of milk in your mind and sit with it for a minute. After that, repeat the word "milk" out loud over and over again for 30 seconds. And by the time you're done, the word "milk" loses its meaning.

This is to show you that words are inherently meaningless, and that meaning is learned. You're reading this text and understand the meaning, but a baby would just see a bunch of random shapes. Remembering this helps to ease psychological distress and help you more quickly move on from the thoughts.

• 1in hard enamel pin
• Rubber grip closure
• Original artwork / ©2020 Kirstie Bones

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