Oliver & Lux

by Kirstie Bones

Oliver: olive branch, peace offering

Lux: illuminance, light

And yes, they definitely lived up to their namesakes. 

Long and ridiculously painful story short, Oliver passed away on June 12th, 10 days after his 10th birthday. He went out exactly like he lived his life: fast and hard. His little body couldn't contain his huge spirit any longer. Exactly a month later, Lux followed him, losing her battle with liver cancer at the tender age of 6. Everyone kept telling us she gave up after Oliver passed away. The vets kept saying "sometimes that happens to bonded pairs." Our home went from wall-to-wall energy 24/7 to deafening silence in what felt like an instant. It was brutal. And even now, as the year comes to an end and another is soon to begin, I'm still trying to salvage and mend whatever is left of my broken heart and tired spirit. 

Maybe someday I can pour it all out and process it in a proper way (is there a proper way?) I probably should do something like that.

But I'm not ready yet.

Forward motion is slow but I'm making progress. Re-opening this store has been one of the bigger steps I've taken so far. I feel like maybe, if I can make this work, it'll be my way of continuing to carry their torches even though they're no longer with us. They taught me so much in their short time here, it's only right to share what they've left to us with anyone willing to listen. Especially Oliver... he was my best friend. He saved my life. 

So here's our peace offering to illuminate and lift up those that might need it.

If you're here, this is meant for you.




Photo of two french bulldogs, Oliver and Lux, sitting together